Foundations of Business Ethics

Foundations of Business Ethics

Autors: Rodica Maria Tantau

Year of appearance: 2005

ISBN: 973-594-645-9

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Business ethics (or ethics in business) came into fashion, but it has also become a key issue.
This book is intended to provide a solid perspective on key issues of business ethics, to present the broad lines of business ethics in a systematic form. The manual addresses a wide readership: students, members of social groups formed and all those interested in the topic.
Chapter 1 provides the reader an informative picture of the whole structure of ethical and responsible approaches to ethics. In the second chapter we find a brief overview of the historical evolution of business ethics and enterprise. The second chapter present: the economic dimension of ethics, social norms of modern democracy, the basis of market economy etc.
In Chapter 3 other important issues are treated, such as: the role of business ethics in politics, market economies, the ethical aspects of environmental protection etc.
Ethical guidelines of corporate governance are outlined in Chapter 4, which also are addressing issues such as leadership styles, authoritarian personalities, bureaucracy.
Hoping that this guide will contribute to a better understanding of the business ethics of the contemporary stage, a few words to readers of this book: do not forget, ethics is responsible for developing a moral ideal, moral standards to get the value of "good" and to decide when is "bad".

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