Foundations of Goods Science

Foundations of Goods Science

Autors: Mihai Tudor Negrea

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-606-505-001-3

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Structured in ten chapters, the book of PhD lecturer, Mr.Teodor Mihai Negrea, is a theoretical, systematic foundation of the goods field, presenting "concepts and categories necessary for commercial processes to be monitored in the market economy" (Professor Dumitru Dima, PhD).

Science terminology and vocabulary specific goods are treated step by step, explaining both the concepts and context in which they operate; definitions and methods used in the study of goods are followed by factors that influence their properties.
Classification and characterization of ownership of goods, with details related to their specific, complete the second chapter.
Third chapter includes the definition of quality of products and services, the modern and  the classical approach to quality. In chapter four is presented the bar coding system, with applications, advantages and disadvantages – for traders and consumers, as the codes used in international trade, and coding publications. Afterwards, we can learn the sources of ideas schedule for products and services, the methods of creativity and others.
Then are given definitions, functions, materials, requirements of packaging and storage conditions, defining elements, components, functions and typologies, regulation and protection of trademarks, both in Romania and at European and international level. The labeling study of food and non food products, ends the sixth chapter.
The concepts of standardization and certification of conformity are developed in separate chapters, followed by a chapter on quality management.
Finally, there are presented the reasons why the consumer has a disadvantage on many levels, in its relations with economic agents, and their forms of social protection and guiding principles of the UN to protect consumers, manifestations of modern consumerism, and in conclusion several types of labels with special indicators.

The manner in which the author presents the information is attractive, the treatment available, which, along with the subject of focus and present, recommend this book to an extensive sphere of readers.

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