Fundamental and civic freedoms in European Union

Fundamental and civic freedoms in European Union

Autors: Dana-Victoria Savu

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-875-7

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Structured in two parts, the book is addressed to people from academia and to the general public.

In the first part a special attention is given concept of freedom. People become dependent on logic, morality, science, religion, or their own creations, which is actually defining the scope of freedom: a freedom gained by knowledge and value creation. Also, from the philosophical conception of freedom, is defined and political freedom as a generic term for the right approach to the relationship between fundamental freedoms and civic freedoms, the rights and duties.

Part two, which gives the title of the paper, presents issues such as geopolitical context of the phenomenon of Western European integration, the main steps of European construction, creating the Council of Europe and its role in human rights. European Union is the most advanced organization of multilateral integration, with the possibilities of action both in the economic, social and political domain, as well as the rights of citizens.


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