Fundamental methods of mathematics with applications in economics

Fundamental methods of mathematics with applications in economics

Autors: Marius Giuclea, Costin Ciprian Popescu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-270-3

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One of the central elements of applied mathematics in economics is to optimize (eg minimize costs and maximize profit of a company). Classical methods of optimization, in deterministic framework, are given to the students  of The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies,  through courses, both the license cycle (eg during the Mathematics for economists), and in some Master Programms (eg the course Methods quantitative and qualitative to assist business decision).

This book presents fundamental mathematical methods applicable to the optimization of economic field, and examples, some classical, which will allow easy understanding of the issues addressed. The work also includes the theoretical notions that substantiates optimization algorithms mentioned.
Among the main topics are the simplex algorithm, the algorithm for determining the extreme points for functions of several variables and two methods of regression.
The purpose of this volume is to give students from The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies help in mathematics for economists, building on existing features of the syllabus in most faculties. In developing this book has taken into account also the notional of economic math that is taught at ASE.
The authors thank Senior Lecturer PhD Mr Constantin Raischi for theoretical and methodological observations made, this leading to substantial improvements in content and form of this book.

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