General Management of the Firm, fourth edition

General Management of the Firm, fourth edition

Autors: Doina I. Popescu

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0203-6

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The book ”General Management of the Firm – Fourth Edition” provides a comprehensive, complex  and up-to-date picture of management knowledge, applications and concerns.

The paper selectively focuses on the main components of modern firm’s management under market economy conditions and approaches from a systemic perspective, both scientific and methodological.

Within this new edition, was maintain the readability and informal tone of the previous editions and preserves the emphasis on management as an interdisciplinary field.

Contemporary examples are abundantly employed to illustrate the most current research and theories. Each example was carefully chosen on the significance and interest of the scientific approach.

This book is organized into 13 chapters. These chapters are as follows: Basic elements of management; The firm and the environment; The information and the communication; Firm’s strategy; Decision making; Organization; Human resources management; Motivation; Leadership; Organizational culture; Change management; Managerial ethics and social responsibility; New business models in the new socio-economic context.

This book is intended for practitioners and theorists in the field of management and, also, for undergraduate students and students of master cycle.



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