General economic theory. Vol. II. Macroeconomics /Second Edition

General economic theory. Vol. II. Macroeconomics /Second Edition

Autors: Constantin Popescu, Dumitru Ciucur, Ilie Gavrila, Gheorghe H. Popescu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-973-594-964-8, 978-606-505-074-7

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Macroeconomics, as a discipline of education, must open an integrative vision of the economy as an organic system of ecological and social environment.


The whole economy is seen in the new edition of "Macroeconomy" more as a whole than the sum of its organic parts. This "more" represents the contribution of the value system to balanced functionality of correlations ecology-economy, economy-society, person-community, economic efficiency and economic health, added value-rationality and hope.


There is today a transdisciplinary current thinking that develop a systemic vision of life in general, social and economic in particular.


The authors would like to highlight these issues, in accordance with the requirements of intelligent human selfgovernance, using scientific knowledge and life experience to form authentic human values in the training of future economists.


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