Guidebook for organizing swimming initiation centers

Guidebook for organizing swimming initiation centers

Autors: Teodora Dominteanu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-123-2

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Aquatic environment affects the human body, exerting on his many influences and determining a specific effort. Horizontal position of the body requests the higher energy expenditure, but ensures muscle relaxation and relieves backbone of much weight. Also, increasing water pressure enhances  breathing muscles. 
The Swimming Guide is structured in two sections, first providing an overview of swimming in contemporary society, then the organization initiating the swim centers: assessing the timing of courses, enrollment and eligibility requirements, training and equipping the base with supporting materials, conduct training and operational rules of swimming pools.
Effort made by all muscle groups will lead to a better development for children who practice the sport compared to those who do not practice any sports.

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