Handbook of economic communication and public relations

Handbook of economic communication and public relations

Autors: Diana Andreia Hristache (coord.), Claudia Elena Paicu, Silvia Elena Popescu, Roxana Lucia Mihai

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-281-9

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Public relations have become an integral part of modern life and, therefore, to communicate in contemporary society means to report not only individually, but collectively, to the problems it faces at a time.

The book highlights the essential role of the communication process, knowing that success in business involves the existence of organizational communication, with a structure and outlined a clear strategy.
Advertising, the complex form of communication, is presented in various forms, as an efficient combination of psychosociologic, economic and cultural factors.

The volume ends with elements of ethics and communication ethics, which refers to the set of rules and regulations to be followed in a certain field of activity and constitute the foundation for an honest and fair life.

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