Image and organizational behavior at risk, conflict, crisis

Image and organizational behavior at risk, conflict, crisis

Autors: Diana Andreia Hristache (coord.), Silvia Elena Popescu, Claudia Elena Paicu, Roxana Lucia Mihai

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-267-3

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Organization, this dynamic presence in life of modern human collectivities, requires a permanent study, both economically and communication.
Thus, modern organizational communication and language come to generate new theoretical and practical ways to assert themselves, leading to "refining" message between organization and its public.
Based on these considerations, this work is addressed to all those interested in studying economic communication from a different perspective – that of management risk, conflict and crisis situations in organizations – representing a useful guide for understanding and interpreting so-called "communicative interventions" in the organizations and their adaptation to everyday life.

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