Information Security. Principles and Good Practice. Second edition

Information Security. Principles and Good Practice. Second edition

Autors: Victoria Stanciu, Andrei Tinca

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-902-3

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            The trade of protecting information is not new. Its roots can be found in antiquity; since then, the methods and techniques used for protecting information have evolved constantly—as have the attacks.

             This volume introduces the reader to the potential risks and threats faced by modern IT systems. The domain is wide, as a result of the constant change in the IT landscape. Thus, the authors hope to have carefully selected the topics. The volume strives to offer practical examples with case studies related to important incidents, explaining the vulnerabilities and offering recommendations to mitigate the risks.

             The breadth of the IT security field has fueled the author’s interest in extending the analysis in this second edition. The topics have been expanded to include cryptography and new practical examples. The field continues to be dynamic and complex, offering new challenges as well as opportunities for dialogue.


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