Information Technology Basics

Information Technology Basics

Autors: Floarea Nastase (coord.), Razvan Daniel Zota (coord.), Carmen Timofte, Radu Constantinescu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-759-3

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The use of information and communications technology in day to day economic and social activities ensure the access, storage and processing of the information in an easy way, by using the computer. To be efficient in using a computer, one may need to have a thorough knowledge of the architecture and the functionalities of it.
 In this way, the Information Technology Basics book, structured in 8 chapters, is presenting the fundamental concepts needed to understand the computer architecture and describes in an accessible way the computer’s basic functional units.
By its structure and content, the book is easy approachable to the readers who wish to have the basic knowledge in the computers’ field. Moreover, it may be a good textbook for the introductory courses of computer science and IT at the non-engineering universities.

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