Information systems and business databases

Information systems and business databases

Autors: Dana-Maria Boldeanu

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-557-5

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 This book treats the topic regarding the business database management information systems using as IT tool Microsoft Access 2013.

The book underlines the practical aspects of defining and working with the relational databases, presenting both the theoretical aspects of the database management systems and the practical ones, regarding the databases applications in the economic environment, offering a large number of examples useful for the comprehension and the learning of the concepts which are presented. This starts with an introduction regarding fundamental concepts regarding the databases, the IT system and the architecture of the database management systems, the relational data model, the data normalisation, the SQL language for quering the database systems, with theoretical notions accompanied by numerous examples and case studies. The book includes at the end a chapter regarding the technology of databases using Microsoft Access 2013 thus providing the necessary information to work with Microsoft Access IT tool. The last chapter is devoted to technology databases using Microsoft Access 2013 and offers students the opportunity to learn from practical examples the concepts related to the creation and management of tables, queries, forms and reports.

The book Datenbanken und Informationssysteme für die Unternehmensverwaltung can be useful to prepare students from the departments of economic and management information systems taught in German language, as well as  for IT specialists.

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