Insurance and Social Protection in Romania (2nd edition revised and added)

Insurance and Social Protection in Romania (2nd edition revised and added)

Autors: Paul Tanasescu si Roxana Ionescu

Year of appearance: 2020

ISBN: 978-606-34-0277-7

Size: 14,8/21 cm

Pages: 122

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The book "Insurance and Social Protection in Romania" contains updated course notes, useful information for the general public, questions, solving problems and problems addressed to all those interested in this socio-economic field.

We have proposed to present the main theoretical and practical aspects of the Romanian insurance and social protection system. For this, we have found it useful to concentrate the theoretical aspects and to inform the reader of the novelties that he can use in everyday life.

Addressing also economical students, the book helps to synthesize the content of disciplines with a pronounced social character in the university curriculum.

Readers' access to the information contained in this paper is facilitated by the use of various ways of exposure and presentation, descriptions, comparisons, etc.

The scope of this book covers the three major areas of social protection: the health care system, the pension system and the unemployment system in Romania.

The selective bibliography offers the opportunity to those interested to know the broad issues of contemporary social protection, to deepen the knowledge gained through a complex and continuous training process

The realization of this paper was requested by the economics students for a faster learning of the social economic notions of social protection in Romania. At the same time, this book addresses any reader who wants to know, in a short while, the main issues of social insurance and protection in Romania.

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