Interdisciplinarity in Physical Education and Sports

Interdisciplinarity in Physical Education and Sports

Autors: Gheorghe Jinga

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-241-3, 978-606-505-319-9

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Sport and sports industry are part of the service sector, which has a place and a top role in modern economies. Sport and entertainment are in a relationship; the highly successful organizations in the market are increasingly focusing on understanding the consumer and providing sports product that meets his needs.
Physical education is a specific human activity which cannot be reduced simply to the practice of exercise, but including all functions of nutrition life and relationship, the individual and collective hygiene. Therefore, it is: by the nature of the means used, a physiological activity; by its methods, a teaching activity; by the results, is biological; and through its effects, it is a social activity.
Among the topics which you can find in this book are included: organizational and management culture, sport organization's information system, training programs and exercises for various structures and levels of training muscles.

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