International Marketing. Cases, analysis, problems

International Marketing. Cases, analysis, problems

Autors: Victor Danciu, Maria Mirona Murea

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-167-6

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The paper contains problems and challenges created by fundamental evolutions and changes in the world’s economy and their implications for national and international markets, present and future. All those involved in learning processes must be aware of market trends and their possible impact on firms, but it must  know what to do when will be confronted with them.
The material  presented here comes to meet the need to a better understanding of international marketing issues, by expanding and strengthening relationships between theory and practice in international business, both  romanian and multinational firms.
Cases, analysis and issues included in this book have been selected and developed to cover all significant theoretical issues of international marketing course of Professor Victor Danciu.
The material is organized into three modules: 1. Cases of International Marketing, International Marketing, 2. Analysis, 3. Problems and proposals for essays.

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