International business banking

International business banking

Autors: Maria Alexandra Maassen

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0210-4

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The book Internationales betriebswirtschaftliches Banking (International business banking), authored by Maassen Maria Alexandra, assistant professor doctor at the Faculty of mBusiness Administration in foreign languages, is dedicated to the students of the faculty from the German department, as well as to any interested party in the knowledge of specific characteristics and mechanisms of international banking.

The book is structured in ten chapters, that analyse elements, operations and the impact of the international banking systems on the economic financial environment, respectively: 

Chapter I Banks vs. Information asymmetry
Chapter II Roles and Functions of the Banks
Chapter III Types of Banking
Chapter IV Central Banks-Instruments of monetary policy of central Banks
Chapter V

Central Banks-Structures and Monetary policy. Case studies: the Federal Reserve System vs. the European Central Bank

Chapter VI. International Commerce and Banking. International payment instruments
Chapter VII. Factoring a modern solution of liquidity increase
Chapter VIII Rates and Interest Rates
Chapter IX. Net present value
Chapter X. Bank frauds and Internet Banking frauds


































In the book one can also find case studies regarding the financial banking sectors, that allow the practical understanding of the theoretical concepts presented in the book chapters, as well as exercises regarding different types of interest rates banks offer.

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