International monetary relations – concepts, interdependences, transactions

International monetary relations – concepts, interdependences, transactions

Autors: Gabriela-Victoria Anghelache, Carmen Obreja

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0129-9

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The book entitled “International monetary relations – concepts, interdependences, transactions” is related with the context of the concerns meant to clarify the interdependence existing between the monetary markets as result of the globalization. The national currencies are utilized as international payment mean, the financial instruments are transacted on various markets which implies that similar features and characteristics are existing independently with the transaction location, as the currency markets are interconnected and the mechanisms and operations typical to the currency markets are becoming more and more diversified. These are serving not only the goal of getting supplied with payment means but, mainly, to cover the exchange risk through the diminishing of the loss generated by the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

Starting from these aspects which dominate the monetary relations at international level, this work is submitting key concepts and syntagmas, ideas and points of view referring to the international monetary world, to practical techniques and modalities to commensurate the exchange rate fluctuations effects. 

The book is structured by 12 chapters starting gradually from the main, essential aspects, which will ensure further on a complete and, meantime, complex understanding of the concepts; the authors achieved a work useful to those who are studying the international monetary relations.

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