Investment decision on the capital market

Investment decision on the capital market

Autors: Mihaela Dragota

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 973-594-799-4 /978-973-594-799-6

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Work Investment decision on the capital market, well structured, with high quality by the amount of scientific information, presents an analysis of classical and modern theories of financing policy. Besides the analysis of classical theories, emphasized the two theories currently used to explain financing policy: signal theory and the theory of agent (in the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange). An entire chapter of the book is for analysis of elements of corporate governance, by financing policy, the shareholders' interests with control power with those of minority shareholders. Also, practice financial structure, strategic variable in the financial management of the company, is analyzed and international context: in developed countries compared with those in development. The author, through his contributions to conceptual and methodological synthesis of financing policy, recommend this book to students, but also those interested in micro enterprise management in connection with sectoral and macroeconomic references.

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