Is Philosophy Possible as Science? The Philosophical View of Mircea Florian

Is Philosophy Possible as Science? The Philosophical View of Mircea Florian

Autors: Ilie Pintea

Year of appearance: 2018

ISBN: 978-606-34-0237-1

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I. Pintea's work is a hermeneutical approach dealing with one of the important philosophical works in our culture, that of M. Florian. It is a monographic research based on the central problem in Romanian philosopher’s thinking: if and, especially, how is it possible for philosophy to be a „science” with specific rational strictness. Appropriately for his purpose, the author personally annotates around two major aspects of the philosophical creation of the commented thinker: his vision of what philosophy should be as the specific object of the reasoning human spirit and his own philosophical view.

The book is an useful explanatory effort characterized by the exhaustive research of the primary sources; argumentative dialogue with exegetical sources; clear and precise analysis and language; efforts to comment and interpret a thinking whose expression does not excel by clarity; and the author's tendency to detach himself from the chorus of unconditional and tintless flatterers of the commented philosopher, which explains the sometimes more critical tone of the text. The author does not formulate absolute judgments about Florian's philosophy, but some different evaluations, however in an interpretation unit with other previously expressed views.



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