Labor Market Flexibility

Labor Market Flexibility

Autors: Alina Stefania Cretu

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-309-0

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The author explores profoundly and rigorously the theme of work, respecting the principles of economic methodology of scientific research, using methods, techniques and modern tools of economic analysis to define and characterize the process of making the labor market more flexible. It focuses on both fundamental theoretical concepts (which allow systematic study of labor market flexibility), and the pragmatic approach scale (which allows you to find solutions to practical problems of the labor market, the employment, of diminishing unemployment, retraining and flexicurity.
This book aims to highlight and analyze the degree of flexibility of labor markets in Romania and how to do this process in accordance with EU labor market. Also, are captured and explained the developments and trends manifested in the labor market,  by refering both to economic theory, and to the analysis and interpretation of official statistics or resulted from the author’s calculations or by induction / inferences.

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