Logistics and distribution of goods. Course Notes

Logistics and distribution of goods. Course Notes

Autors: Cristinel Vasiliu, Mihai Felea, Irina Maruntelu, Gheorghe Caraiani

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-148-5

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The book contains twelve chapters. The first chapter, Place of the logistics in economic activity, defines the concept of logistics, then treating the history of this notion, the evolution of logistics, the appearance of integrated logistics, logistics service providers, trends in the sector, as well as field and office logistics role in the company.The second chapter deals with relations between logistics and distribution, the concept of distribution, associated concepts, types of logistics, supply chain followed by conceptualization, history and building of Supply Chain Management, strategic logistics stake and other matters related.
The following chapters present, among others, general characteristics of transport of goods, criteria of choice of carriers, general characteristics of intrastate, space vocabulary and logistical infrastructure, storage role in the supply chain, trade marketing, elements of a general pattern of performance, logistics costs, models and applications of electronic commerce.

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