Macroeconomics. Course notes and practical applications

Macroeconomics. Course notes and practical applications

Autors: Ioana Andrada Gavril

Year of appearance: 2020

ISBN: 978-606-34-0356-9

Size: 14,8/21 cm

Pages: 140

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This paper is intended for first year students or people who want to learn macroeconomics quickly. It includes both essential theoretical aspects and multiple applications that will help  clearly understanding the theoretical concepts, while revealing how they are used in macroeconomic analysis. Many of these practical applications include real data regarding the Romanian economy and solving them will involve the evaluation of phenomena, processes and facts the Romanian economy.

The paper addresses classic macroeconomic topics, such as macroeconomic indicators, output gaps, economic growth, the financial system, money market, capital market, inflation, unemployment, the balance of payments, as well as details on macroeconomic policies and how they should be applied in various circumstances.

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