Macroeconomics. Theory and applications

Macroeconomics. Theory and applications

Autors: Stelian Stancu

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-536-0

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This paper distinguishes its self from other materials bearing the title Macroeconomics, through the fact that its approach focuses with predilection on the presentation, in a personal manner, of reference aspects in the field.
Moreover, the main purpose of advanced macroeconomic analysis is to ensure a better understanding of the structure and mechanisms at national economy level, through a profund approach of the latter.
Therefore, will be presented: aspects regarding the two main players in the national economic scene, economic agents (the firm and the household) and the bank; the fundamental aspects that must be taken into consideration in the macroeconomic analysis, both in the case of an non-inflationary economy, and in the case of an economy where inflation is present; the economic-mathematical models, in order to analyze a small open economy; the adjustment and dynamic stabilization of the equilibrium at macroeconomic level.
Finally, the paper also contains a separate chapter, Proposed applications, that has the purpose to conduct to a better understanding and fixing of the concepts presented along the first nine chapters.

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