Management of logistics system of agro-food enterpresis

Management of logistics system of agro-food enterpresis

Autors: Nicolae Istudor

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-405-9

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The course addresses to the students at undergraduate and masters programs from the Faculty of Agro-Food and Environmental Economics.

The work comprises two parts, dealing with issues related to logistics and management logistics system of agro-food enterpresis. In terms of the logistics, the paper provides information support to knowledge and deepening theoretical and methodological aspects of it. Also, its contents aims to identify the marketing structures in order to ensure the acquisition of  raw materials for agro-food enterprises, elaboration of the program for raw materials acquisition, issues of material stocks and tracking methods, also analysis and optimization methods for stocks. The content also includes issues relating to storage and distribution of agro-food products, with emphasis on the organization and their economic efficiency.

The second part of the course addresses to the concept of logistics management system of agro-food organizations, functions and stages of emergence and functioning of the agro-food logistics. A certain size in developing a logistics management system is viewed both as an element of marketing management theory and as practice. Besides these the course contains acquisition policies for agro-food supply units, evaluation of tenders, analysis and control of cost of acquisition, distribution management systems and related forms of marketing, but also issues relating to the collection, transport and storage of food.


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