Management of organisation by case studies

Management of organisation by case studies

Autors: Amedeo Istocescu

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-933-4

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This volume, divided in two parts, adress to both students and those interested in the broad field of management.
In the first part, comprising a single chapter, are highlighted characteristics, typology, structure, qualities and roles of the case study, by examples of situations when using this method of scientific research, but also the most important advantages of case study and its inherent limits.
Part two of volume includes three distinct chapters.
Capitolul "Situations" contains case studies that can be used to discipline management.
Chapter "Faces" is devoted to "business", being presented portraits of former or current entrepreneurs, managers, financiers.
The last chapter, "Interpretations", suggests to readers "texts" that can be understood and accepted as representing underdeveloped topics and which can be "idea" of future case studies, but also surprises for leisure of those passionate management.

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