Management of protected natural areas. Case study: Management of the Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System, component of the

Management of protected natural areas. Case study: Management of the Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System, component of the "Danube Delta" Biosphere Reserve

Autors: Albert Scrieciu, Bogdan Chiripuci, Veronica Toza

Year of appearance: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-34-0405-4

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Pages: 270

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In the current context, climate changes have been internationally declared as one of the biggest threats to the viability of the ecosystems, especially vulnerable ecosystems, such as the lagoon systems; providing the management to such a vulnerable ecosystem should take into due consideration key principles, such as: be adaptative to climate change, increase its resilience and offer sustainble solutions to the integrating components, including the human component, like the local communities.


The Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System represents a vulnerable ecosystem in terms of climate change, increasing urbanisation and industrialisation. Due to this fact, it is mandatory to develop an adequate Management Plan in order to achieve the sustainable development for Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System.


An integrated management system requires a logical and systematic managerial approach that allows strategic and operational decisions to be made, decisions which are taking into account all key environmental issues. In such a system, the cities, regions and local communities must integrate sustainable development and adaptation to climate change related aspects into management plans and practices.


This paper summarizes the theoretical and practical aspects of lagoon systems in terms of bio-geo-conservation, bio-geo-diversity, geoeducation, geoturism and lagoon systems, highlights the relevant legal regime and provides details on the development of an appropriate management plan specific to protected lagoon systems, in order to avoid natural characteristics degradation.


The process of drafting and elaboration of the Management Plan for Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System was focused on developing participative methodologies, and on promoting management functions and general management principles for lagoon protected areas, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, like local authorities, managers and other actors.  


Permanent correlation, adaptation and improvement of the Management Plan to the existing situation and the socio-economic environment where the local communities carry out their activities, ensures the consistency between the parameters of the lagoon system and the human component, strengthens the resilience for both lagoon system and local communities, and last but not least, benefits for community due to an efficient Plan implementatio

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