Management of production

Management of production

Autors: Monica Nedelcu, Constantin Bagu

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0157-2

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In the current economic context, an important role is the continuous improvement
of the production management at the level of the organizations in order to ensure
the efficient use of the human, material and financial resources that these have.

The achievement of this objective requires special attention from the technical and economical specialists in order to fulfill their particular tasks in terms of production management, methods and techniques of adequate scientific management for each system or organizational subsystem. For this purpose, it is necessary to observe
all the factors that influence the managerial activity and to find the optimal ways
to increase the efficiency of the organization.

There were detailed issues related to:

- Organization structure of the firm;

- Production capacity and its use;

- Technological production preparation;

- Management of the serving activity;

- Maintenance of technological equipment;

- Substantiation of costs and unit prices of goods.


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