Management (in romanian)

Management (in romanian)

Autors: Vasile Deac (coord.), Laura Baditoiu, Mihai Cioc, Oana Elena Croitoru, Alexandrina Deaconu, Corina Frasineanu, Florin Ionita, Daniel Jiroveanu, Andi Lungu, Monica Nedelcu, Florea Pirvu, Doina Popescu, Catalina Radu, Cezar Simion-Melinte, Aurelia Stanescu, Mihai Vrincut

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0163-3

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The present paper aims to contribute to the development of managerial skills and thinking, and also to provide the conceptual framework, methods and techniques necessary for the improvement of organizations’ activities in order to achieve the performance required by the competition they’re involved in. The book presents a different approach than that of most existing specialty literature, namely an approach of specific management issues that derive from management system components and also from the economic organization’s functions.



The issues addressed in this work can be really useful, not only to undergrad students of all ASE faculties, which study MANAGEMENT as a fundamental discipline, but also to managers and companies’ specialists, Masters students, and to other students of the Economic and Technical fields, who are studying Management.

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