Managerial accounting. Integrative technologies for business decisions

Managerial accounting. Integrative technologies for business decisions

Autors: Chirata Caraiani, Cornelia Dascalu, Camelia I. Lungu

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-819-4

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 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING. INTEGRATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR BUSINESS DECISIONS book is powerful of pedagogy designed to continue the standard for relevance, accuracy and clarity in its second edition, too. The authors' steady focus on these three core elements has led tremendous results.

Every effort is made to help students and practitioners relate the integrative technologies in this book to the world business decisions. Generations of students and practitioners have praised authors for the friendliness and readability of their writing.

Each chapter opens with Learning objectives that alert students and practitioners to what they should expect. The end-of-chapter Research and Action research allow them to understand how the Integrative technologies apply to the world business decisions, outside the classroom/laboratory. The purpose of this book includes enhancing students' critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills.

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