Market economy. Institutional foundations of prosperity

Market economy. Institutional foundations of prosperity

Autors: Cosmin Marinescu (coord.), Gabriel Staicu, Marius Pana, Diana Costea, Bogdan Glavan, Cosmin Rogojanu, Marius Spiridon, Cosmin Mosora, Grigore Pirosca, Emilia Topolica

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 973-594-842-7, 978-973-594-842-9

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The book is inscribed in the collection "Economic theory" and is meant to be a complete radiography of market economy.
As shown in the first pages of the book, in the introduction, according to a survey conducted in 20 countries, 61% of respondents believe the market economy - capitalism - is the most viable economic system. But in France the percentage is 36%. So, as a conclusion, is torn between market economy and socialism, between freedom and coercion.
The authors, in the intellectual periplus they proposed, which bears the imprint of youth and enthusiasm, emphasizes the idea that "market economy signifies the natural state of human society".
Proposed text to read is divided into three parts.
Part I, called The market economy: theoretical foundations, is structured in six chapters, bringing into discussion the issue related to society and institutions, property and freedom, market and market economy, economic calculation and state.
Part II, Institutions and prosperity. Empirical approach, with four chapters, includes topics about the welfare state and European institutional model, freedom, institutions, entrepreneurship and economic progress, institutional change and economic performance.
Economic and institutional transformation in post-December Romania, Romania's business environment, the revival of entrepreneurship are issues dealt with in Part III of the book: Development of market economy in Romania.
The book ends with an extensive bibliography.

These ideas are reflections for the reader with economic studies but also for any reader interested in issues of market economy.
Beautifully written in a chained logic of ideas, this book encourage reading by the clarity and elegance of expression. So, we invite you to read.

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