Marketing Information Systems Audit

Marketing Information Systems Audit

Autors: Mihai Orzan

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-618-3

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This book represents the outcome of a multidisciplinary study that involved both developers and users of marketing information systems. The book includes a best practices guide useful for both auditors that want to go beyond traditional auditing standards, which focus on functionality and security of information systems, and host organizations, which can leverage simple tactical instruments into competitive advantages for markets where changes are permanent.
Marketing information systems audit focuses on data, information and knowledge flows and support for all organizational decision making levels, emphasizing data gathering, flows, retrieval, storage, analysis and complete, timely, efficient and relevant information dissemination and access. It also emphasis information systems attributes that are, by and large, ignored in traditional information systems audits, such as marketing information systems usability, economic efficiency and flexibility.

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