Mathematics for economists /Theory and Applications

Mathematics for economists /Theory and Applications

Autors: Cristina Liliana Pripoae

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-064-8

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The book is addressed mainly of first year students of all faculties of the ASE, but also students from other faculties of profile, and others interested in solving the economic problems, in order to serve to a better understanding of concepts theoretical and, especially, in learning the methods and techniques for solving problem and exercises of applicative nature.
The volume is organized into four main chapters: linear algebra, mathematical analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics. At the beginning of each chapter is presented a theoretical breviary, with the aim of remembering the main concepts learned, followed by sets of exercises and solved problems, as well as exercises to be solved, together with indications and responses, by the student can test their degree of acquiring the techniques learned. Mathematics is a necessary and important tool in the study of any branch of science, thus serving for a better understanding and addressing issues of economic science.

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