Methodology of basic athletics disciplines for students

Methodology of basic athletics disciplines for students

Autors: Cristiana Lucretia Pop

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-843-9

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            “Methodology of basic athletics disciplines for students” is a useful guide for anyone who intends to have an active life style. This book is a easy-to-use reference for present times, when the students are involved in physical education classes, and for future, when they will compensate the desk work with physical exercises, on their free will.

         The advantage of athletics is the natural movements it uses – walking, running, jumping and throwing. Each event is technical described and accompanied by drawings for an easier understanding. Also some historical data, world records and Rumanian important performances are included in this Olympic athletic events survey.

             The events technical models are followed by a teaching progression of steps by which a student, using this guide, can learn and practice the events. The methodological steps for the basic athletics disciplines of running, jumping and throwing are presented in addition to visual information. I underline the activities that anyone can practice independently, as walking and jogging, and the principles of programming these physical activities for an efficient time and effort investment.

            This book contains a chapter about how the fitness components can be developed, presenting orientate programs for each one of this abilities and emphasizing those open to improvement at our student’s age. 

             The last chapter contains some rules about effort in athletics and notions about recovery, diet and hydration useful for an active lifestyle.  


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