Methodology of economic scientific research

Methodology of economic scientific research

Autors: Constantin Popescu, Dumitru Ciucur, Gheorghe Raboaca, Daniela Iovan

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 978-973-594-774-3

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Starting from the premise that economic activity is a process of profound structural quality transformations, which depend decisively scientific research, this paper entitled Methodology of economic scientific research aims to demonstrate that research, conceived as a process of scientific knowledge, involves finding and selecting information , processing, analysis and interpretation of their, structuring knowledge acquired in new systems and transforming them into operational measures, leading to boosting the effective dynamics of the economy.
Methodology of economic scientific research, as subjects of academic education, help improve students' preparation by acquiring skills to made scientific papers, economic projects, studies, etc., making them suited to combine organic creative spirit with the rigors of the profession of economist and its place in the Romanian economy and society. Methodology of economic scientific research helps students from Bachelor’s degree, students from the Master’s degree, as the Ph.D. degree to develop the spirit of economy, interpreting correctly economic reality and a permanent reporting to requirements of modernity and profitability, now and in prospect.

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