Metrics of collaborative systems. Theory and practice

Metrics of collaborative systems. Theory and practice

Autors: Ion Ivan, Catalin Boja, Cristian Ciurea

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-963-1

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"Metrics of collaborative systems. Theory and practice" is a work with a specialized language, whose objective is the definition of the metrics to evaluate collaborative systems, which is an interdisciplinary field located at the intersection of economics, computer science, management and sociology.
It appeared in the preface of the book - the authors tell us, as a necessity determined by the scale collaborative systems implemented in the information society, the choice of systems to characterize high performance, the need to implement specific new ways of working within existing collaborative systems and measuring the effects it generates these collaborative systems in the economic environment.
The book, structured in six sections, presents the basic concepts, classification and functions of collaborative systems, their quality characteristics, specifying the indicators used to assess their software systems implementation indicators, and various aspects of using metrics to increase the efficiency of these systems. The paper includes numerous examples and metrics defined for these serve to evaluate the performance of a collaborative system of banking. The choice was based on complexity of system components such as banking and structuring collaborative systems functional.
System models presented here come to substitute the need for knowledge of future specialists in banking, characterized by complex systems, distributed, using not only the design paradigms of e-business applications and e-banking, but also specific collaborative systems. 

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