Microeconomics explained to students

Microeconomics explained to students

Autors: Marius-Corneliu Marinas

Year of appearance: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-34-0371-2

Size: 20/29 cm

Pages: 130

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The main objective of this book aims both the fundamental knowledge of concepts, decisions, microeconomic phenomena, and their application to explain the economic reality. Thus, I proposed an attractive book, which contains many examples, explanations, problems solved, applied questions, and tests in order to contribute to the formation of an applied economic way of thinking. I selected from the themes of the Microeconomics discipline the most practical aspects for your professional career, as an employee or entrepreneur. As a result of the deepening of the content, your level of economic education will increase and you will be able to avoid the trap of incomplete or populist economic messages.


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