Modelling energetic systems using general equilibrium techniques

Modelling energetic systems using general equilibrium techniques

Autors: Mioara Bancescu

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-813-2

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The paper approaches the general equilibrium domain, which became one of the fundamental domains for economics research and represents an efficient instrument for quantitative analysis concerning the application of certain economic policies in the areas such as fiscal policy, international trade policy, energy field policies or environmental protection policies.

The book is structured in five chapters.  In the first chapter ”General equilibrium theory (GET) – genesis and fundamental concepts” there are reviewed the general equilibrium models, starting with Walras research in 1877 and until 1970’s. In the second chapter ”The applied equilibrium theory” there are reviewed general equilibrium models proposed after 1970, the enhancements brought regarding the organization of the entry data, regarding the numerical algorithms and the software tools for solving the models, as well as research directions in general equilibrium field after 2000. In the third chapter ”Production functions, utility functions and complementary mixed format” there are presented different concepts needed for modelling in general equilibrium field like various forms of production and utility functions and the general equilibrium conditions in complementary format. In the next chapter ”Other theoretical justifications regarding general equilibrium models” the presentation of fundamental concepts is continued with the theorem of general equilibrium existence and a summary of the computation methods used in general equilibrium field. In chapter five ”General equilibrium proposed model” it is built a new mathematical model, by specifying its components, equations with the explanations and possible model results.


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