Coordonate multilingve in invatamantul romanesc (Multilingual Matters in Romanian Education)

Coordonate multilingve in invatamantul romanesc (Multilingual Matters in Romanian Education)

Autors: Florina Mohanu, Viorela-Valentina Dima (coordonatoare)

Year of appearance: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-34-0392-7

Size: A4

Pages: 681

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The present volume is unique on the Romanian publishing market, as it is a comprehensive overview of the Romanian education system from the perspective of the languages present in the curricula and of the opportunities for insertion on the labour market available for language proficient individuals. The result of research undertaken by a group of 30 authors, the book provides extensive details on and a cross-regional comparison of the opportunities for studying languages at pre-university, university and extracurricular level, with valuable appendices that complement and summarize the information presented throughout the book.

The volume is therefore aimed not only at foreign language teachers or employers, but also at all those who are interested in finding out rigorously documented details about the presence of languages in the Romanian educational and professional environment, against the background of a dynamic economic, social and political European and international context, in which proficiency in foreign languages by Romanian citizens, as well as the mastery of the Romanian language by foreign citizens studying and working in Romania, are key elements that may ensure a good insertion on the educational and labor market.

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