My relationship with money. Financial education from science to everyday life

My relationship with money. Financial education from science to everyday life

Autors: Andreea Stoian (coordonator), Cristiana Haica, Marius Dumitrenco-Keller, Filip Iorgulescu, Nicoleta Vintila, Radu Ciobanu, Cosmin Octavian Cepoi, Aurora Dina Manolache, Andreea Draghia, Adrian T. Mitroi

Year of appearance: 2022

ISBN: 978-606-34-0434-4

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 192

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This book is about understanding that financial well-being, security and independence are much more within our reach than we might think. It is a book on financial education aiming to increase our awareness: we can improve or change our current financial behavior so that in the long term we can enjoy the prosperity we desire. The book invites and challenges readers to introspection regarding habits, attitudes, financial behaviors, and the reasons that prompt us to want to earn more, that make us spend, perhaps, too much sometimes or often. Once we have done this, the learning process actually begins, and with the help of this book, we can design our own financial education program. The book, although it has an interdisciplinary approach, showing that financial education is a complex process at the border between economics, finance, psychology, sociology and neurobiology, is written in a non-technical language and addresses the general public regardless of professional training, education or age. It is a book written by specialists who had in mind that their message would reach everyone.

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