Negotiation and conflict management. Second edition

Negotiation and conflict management. Second edition

Autors: Ruxandra Constantinescu-Stefanel

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-518-6

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The book consists of 14 chapters grouped in three parts.

The first part, chapters 1-5, presents business negotiation, from its principles and characteristics to its phases and techniques. The reader finds out how to approach each phase, what to do, what to say and also how to say it.

The second part, chapters 6 and 7, deals with conflict management, from causes to settlement. Four ways of settling conflicts are presented: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and law suit. Also, the main types of business conflicts are reviewed.

The last part, chapters 8-13, focuses on intercultural negotiation. The main anthropological models of culture analysis, Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars, Peterson and Mole, are described and the influence of cultural dimensions on negotiation is examined. The main features of negotiation in various regions and countries of the world are also presented.
The last chapter reviews the rules of business etiquette.

The book can be used both for self-study and for teaching business negotiation to university students. It is completed by several activities, argumentation games, questionnaires, case studies and simulations of business negotiations, to be made individualy – the questionnaires – or in group, thus offering students their first practical experience in business negotiation and conflict management.

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