Novelty in Public Administration

Novelty in Public Administration

Autors: Armenia Androniceanu

Year of appearance: 2003

ISBN: 973-594-301-8

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 396

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In the recent years, several important changes have occurred in the field of public administration. New elements, promoted by specialists in the field, have appeared. They significantly redefine the framework for the management and execution processes in the public institutions, the values, the way of expressing and evaluating the performances obtained by the public managers and the executives. Thus, the need for major changes in the public sector, in general, and in the administration of state institutions, in particular, has arsien so that they are efficient and fully meet the interests of citizens, their expectations, and their needs.

This book includes chapters on the characteristics, principles, and functions of public management, the evolution of public management worldwide and in Romania, particularities of public management in the field of human resources, as well as recent approaches in international public management and the opportunity to adapt and implement them in public institutions in Romania (digitalization of public institutions, knowledge-based management in public institutions, and the modernization of managerial tools used in public institutions).

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