Operational management. Case studies and multiple choice tests

Operational management. Case studies and multiple choice tests

Autors: George Moldoveanu, Cosmin Dobrin, Adriana Dima, Ruxandra Boghian, Corina Aurora Barbu

Year of appearance: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-34-0453-5

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 224

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Operational management is a major factor in the improvement and productivity of businesses, providing solutions for organisations to achieve their goals with minimal effort.

This book is designed to present and explain the global implications of supply chains and how decisions can be made in a dynamic environment. Current case studies, applications, and multiple choice tests are systematically provided to facilitate the development of readers' critical thinking and the acquisition of new knowledge in operational management. Most cases illustrate institutionalized market mechanisms. Based on them, references can be made to the state of phenomena and processes in small, medium, or large Romanian firms/organisations. In addition, the applications and multiple choice questions, which are complementary to the case studies, develop, at a practical level, the theoretical knowledge of operational management and ensure the formation of skills for the intensification of activities within the organizations.

The volume is a support for the deepening of the Operational Management discipline in the undergraduate cycle of the faculties with a specialization in Management, but the level of the book is also accessible to the general public who wants to explore the new challenges in the field.

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