Organizational Behavior. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged

Organizational Behavior. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged

Autors: Doina I. Popescu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-697-8

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The book ”Organizational Behavior – Second Edition Revised and Enlarged” provides a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date picture of organizational behavior knowledge, applications and concerns.
The book illustrates the amplitude of the swift environmental changes of the last years, in the context of global economic crisis, with impact upon the managers` activity and people who provide organization`s products and services.
Given that organizational functioning is a complex one, the managers must be able to probe and diagnose organizational situations when they attempt to understand, interpret, and predict behavior. The “Organizational Behavior – Second Edition Revised and Enlarged” devotes considerable attention to encouraging the development of these probing and diagnostic skills.
This book is organized into 13 chapters. These chapters are as follows: Introduction Elements – Organizational Behavior; Communication; Organizational Culture; Individual Differences and Work Behavior. Perception, Attitudes, Personality; Motivation; Evaluation of Human Resources` Performances and Feedback; Stress Management; Group Behavior and Work Teams; Organizational Conflict; Organizational Power and Politics; Leadership; Managing Organizational Change; Managerial Ethics and Social Responsibility.
This book is intended for practitioners and academics in the field of management and, also, for master cycle students.

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