Pedagogy / Manual for students and teachers who are preparing for completion in education and getting second degree

Pedagogy / Manual for students and teachers who are preparing for completion in education and getting second degree

Autors: Mihai Diaconu, Ioan Jinga (coord.), Olga Ciobanu, Adina Pescaru, Monica Paduraru

Year of appearance: 2004

ISBN: 973-594-517-7

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Work that we submit to readers interested in the issue of formal education made in schools, was made by a team of academics from the Department of Teaching Staff Training ASE Bucharest, economists based programs to students who are preparing for a teaching career.
Also, the authors observed and schedule of Pedagogy and Psychology elements for completion in education and obtain teaching degree two, but without exhaust all the topics provided by the program.
Structure was established according to the structure of discipline "Pedagogy" of the educational framework plan, approved by Order of the Minister of Education and Research nr.4327/13.06.2003 for DPPD and skills covered are those established by the National Council for Teacher Training for the profession Teaching.
To develop elements of content, the authors have studied the documents of education reform in Romania, an extensive literature, devoted to teacher training, textbooks and other pedagogical, romanian and foreign.
Unit design and drafting was provided by coordinators volume by establishing working models, but each author has kept his own style of presentation, which justify a certain variety of approach in drafting the text.
Conceived as a textbook, the work is characterized by systematization, cohesion and clarity, offering readers an affordable and pleasant reading. Also, emphasis made and examples given by the authors also contribute to easily retention key content elements and to the connection between theory and practice.
As stated in the subtitle of the paper, it is adressed to students who are preparing to become teachers, and those who already practice a profession in teaching.
Without claiming to be exhaustive, the problems sure – if you have acquired – the main authorities concerned and offers those interested in problems of reflection and new openings in order to achieve that combination of qualities known as pedagogical mastery.

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