Peer-review for the manuscripts


The main object of ASE Publishing House is to publish books dedicated to education and books that disseminate the results of the scientific research of the members of the academic community. ASE Publishing House requests and receives annually, from the directors of the scientific departments and the directors of research centers, lists of scientific reviewers for each scientific field and book collection, including ASE professors with academic, scientific and editorial experience, as well as professors and researchers with other institutional affiliations.

The manuscript received from the author(s) is assigned to a team including an editor and a DTP technician and goes through the following steps in a blind peer-review process:

  • For works at the first edition, an evaluation system will be used in which both the authors' and the peer-reviewers' names are anonymized (double-blind peer-review); for works in subsequent editions, a single-blind peer-review system is used, as the reviewers will refer to the previous edition.
  • The proposed paper for evaluation is verified with an antiplagiarism software. The resulting similarity report is sent by the editor to the authors.
  • The anonymized work and the similarity report are sent via e-mail to two reviewers (elected by the editor from the list corresponding to the scientific field).
  • The reviewers analyze the similarity report and the work (taking into account the evaluation criteria) and send the evaluation report to the editor, including the conclusion of the evaluation:
  1. accepted and recommended for publication,
  2. accepted with revisions,
  3. rejected.