Philosophy. Contemporary themes

Philosophy. Contemporary themes

Autors: Vasile Macoviciuc, Ionut Emilian Anastasiu, Sergiu Balan, Dragos Bagu, Dan Craciun, Stefan Dominic Georgescu, Florin Popa, Raisa Radu, Toma Roman, Octavian Rujoiu, Dana Savu, Lucia Ovidia Vreja

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-305-2

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"This synthesis capitalize the experience of taught philosophy courses at faculties of The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies," the authors said.
Thematic clippings and space requirements exceed the Syllabus for a semester, so the development themes of philosophy course can be determined by direct consultation of the students. On the other hand, specialized training requires the placement in interpretive contexts and enabling conceptual structures more extensive, complex and significant for the contemporary world.

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