Philosophy and Economics. Contemporary themes and realities

Philosophy and Economics. Contemporary themes and realities

Autors: Loredana Cornelia Bosca, Lucia Ovidia Vreja (coordonatori)

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-869-9

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Issued as a continuation of a prolific cooperation between the members of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, with the University of Economic Studies and those of the „Constantin Rãdulescu-Motru” Institute of Philosophy and Psychology, with the Romanian Academy, and joined by a significant number of professors of the University of Economic Studies, the collective volume Philosophy and Economics. Contemporary Issues and Facts stands forward by grasping wide fields of research, where the compatibility of diverse approaches promises potential lines of development, communication and commitment of multidisciplinary or border scientific research.

 The first set of texts, entitled Homo Oeconomicus: Theoretical-Methodological Stances, gathers together some „pretexts” for possible philosophical perspectives of homo œconomicus paradigm, outside the economically specialised discourse. The section entitled Multiculturalism and Globalization brings to our attention some contemporary social and economic facts: economic globalization and its consequences at a cultural and human level; the postmodern perspective on values, both traditional and modern; the tensions between the plurality of cultures and the recent strategies for sustainable development; the specificity of local historical experiences and, of course, of the Romanian environment, etc. The final part – Ethics and Economics – gathers together those papers that refer to the ways philosophical thinking provides necessary insights within economical practices – be they related to marketing, management, advertising, etc. – from the perspective of the consequences on the human being as a whole.

             This book is meant to serve experts, students, and also to the wide public who is interested in harmonizing the narrowly specialized economic research with interrogations that underlie philosophical reflection.


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