Philosophy and Economics. Anthropology and economic behavior; homo oeconomicus versus homo reciprocans

Philosophy and Economics. Anthropology and economic behavior; homo oeconomicus versus homo reciprocans

Autors: Loredana Cornelia Bosca (coordonator)

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-505-869-9, 978-606-34-0313-2 vol. 5

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 346

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The volume Anthropology and Economic Behavior: Homo Œconomicus versus Homo Reciprocans continues the series of collective works published under the generic title of Philosophy and Economics. The research project with the same name began in 2015 and resulted in the publication, at the ASE Publishing House, of four collective volumes: Philosophy and Economics.1. Contemporary Themes and Realities (2015); Philosophy and Economics.2. Economic Ethics and Rationality (2016); Philosophy and Economics.3. Meanings of Utility in the Socio-Human Sciences (2017) and Philosophy and Economics.4.Axiological Themes of Economic Behavior (2018). Volumes that have already seen the light of the pattern are the result of the fundamental research carried out by the members of the Research Center of the Department of Philosophy, Social, and Human Sciences of the Academy of Economic Studies in collaboration with the researchers of the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology "Constantin Rădulescu-Motru" of the Romanian Academy, headed by the academician Alexandru Surdu, Vice-President of the Romanian Academy.

Volume V of the Philosophy and Economics Series is a plea for reconsidering the theoretical validity of the profile of economic man promoted by the mainstream economics.  Economic rationality based on the concept of Homo Œconomicus (conceived as an isolated individual, devoid of affection, concerned with maximizing self-interest following his utilitarian calculation of costs and profit) has for a long time been the subject of numerous criticisms. Current objections combine the substance of philosophical analyses with the results of economic science to underlines the necessity of reassessing methodological horizons. The mere adjustment of the Homo Œconomicus paradigm by forcibly adding the elements ignored by the previous theory (motivations, values, etc.) has proved ineffective and has imposed the need to identify a more complex explanatory scheme, which will capitalize and integrate anthropological-philosophical and socio-psychological reflections on the intrinsic relational dimension of human nature.

In heterodox economic discourse in recent decades, the deficient paradigm of Homo Œconomicus has been progressively substituted by the ones more "real": Homo Reciprocans, Homo Donatur  or  Homo Religiosus. In prolonging the criticisms to date in the literature, the studies gathered in this volume propose the delimitation, analysis, and criticism of the Homo Œconomicus paradigm from the perspective of distinct approaches (sometimes provocative) subsumed to economic and cultural anthropology, behavioral economics, institutional economics, political economy, and ecological economics.


Associate Professor, PhD Loredana Cornelia Boșca

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