Populism. Multidimensional analysis

Populism. Multidimensional analysis

Autors: Marin Dramnescu

Year of appearance: 2022

ISBN: 978-606-34-0414-6

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 329

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Populism has become an increasingly prominent attitude throughout Europe and with specific features in Central and Eastern Europe, being integrated into a gradually widespread phenomenon. Populist politicians in most European countries, through their speech, exploit the social frustration generated by economic problems pointing out the main culprits: corruption, political elitism and immigrants.

Against this background, they systematically attack democratic institutions, parliament, court decisions, the justice system as a whole, central banks, the political neutrality of civil servants and the independence of the press. And all this on behalf of the people insinuating the idea that the decisions taken are fair and efficient trying to satisfy the subjective demands of the population, understood as a homogeneous, unitary body.

From this perspective, populism becomes a favorable attitude to the fulfillment of the people’s wishes, against their real interests.

The book Populism. Multidimensional analysis offers an integrated perspective, through which the populist phenomenon is analyzed from the historical, religious, sociological, psychological, ethical and communication sciences perspective. This ensures a deeper and more objective understanding of populism, with openness to concrete control solutions and alleviation of its impact on democratic societies.

The book is addressed to specialists and researchers in political, economic, legal and social sciences in general. It is also an authentic tool for the intellectual training of students, master and doctoral students, being accessible to the general public interested in the dynamics of today's society.

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