Processing of agricultural products. Practical matters

Processing of agricultural products. Practical matters

Autors: Dan Boboc, Georgiana Raluca Ladaru, Luxita Rasnoveanu, Mariana Carmen Burtea, Cristian Teodor, Maria Claudia Diaconeasa

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0219-7

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The present paper was created with the specific purpose of helping students to elaborate and use the sustainable agriculture production technologies and to define the principles and methods for quality determination for agricultural products. Through it they have the opportunity of making a series of evaluations which will help them in their future as specialists.

Knowing the law and regulations regarding the quality of agro-food products, participating at the presentation of high level theoretical concepts and also in a practical matter of the agricultural domain through research activities will help them in recognizing the necessity of environmental protection in order to avoid polluting the biosphere and to develop the production of healthy food for humans and animals.

Knowing the chemical composition of vegetable and animal products with the help of chemical and physical analysis methods is useful to future specialists in order to appreciate the opportunity and the efficiency in capitalization of these products through the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry and cosmetic industry and also in order to improve the quality of agricultural products.

The present paper also contributes in educating the agricultural products consumer through highlighting the components, the quality, the packing, the labeling, the storage and the consumption of agricultural products. All of these may help with the formation of a consumer responsible for its own health and with the reduction of the probability of introducing low quality and potentially dangerous products on the market.

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